Sol Katmandu Park & Resort

Majorca - Calvia, Spain
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Play & Stay in the heart of theme park fun!

Sol Katmandu Park & Resort, a unique place with "fun-inclusive" just a few steps away from spectacular sandy beaches. Every guest gets a PLAY PASS providing exclusive benefits and unlimited access to a selection of Katmandu Park attractions.



Guaranteed fun for all ages in our theme park! Join us on a thrilling journey through time and imagination for families and adventure lovers. Enjoy more than 10 attractions including The House: where imagination becomes reality and reality is just an illusion; KATOPIA Splash Park and Soft Play: an underwater world where kids are in charge of the fun; OR ZOMBIES! XD Dark Ride: A thrilling battle against the undead. And also discover all our mythical characters!

The perfect place for family vacations full of amazing attractions, exciting water adventures, games and the freedom to play all day. Conveniently located in the heart of Calvia Beach only 250 metres from the sea, Katmandu Park allows you the "freedom to play your way". Founded in 2007 with the iconic The House attraction, it is now a theme park with 10 attractions where visitors enter a mythical world of unexpected adventures, thrilling rides, epic 4D encounters and water attractions. We have it all!


Explore the incredible upside-down house of the great adventurer Kilgore Good and discover a world beyond your imagination. Journey through an unexpected world with interactive experiences, illusions and even mythical creatures that come alive as you journey on foot. Discover the power of the Red Jewel Desirata™, which sent Boro® the Great and Kilgore Goode ™ spinning through time and imagination to Mallorca. Follow a path through an icy mirror maze, survive a shark attack, watch an enchanted forest come to life, play amazing games and dare enter the icy cave where you’ll come face to face with Boro® the Great. Discover endless fun where the imaginary becomes reality.


Join the adventures of an abandoned ginger kitten named Thunder. Seeking protection from a furious dog and an approaching storm, our hero shelters in the strangest house imaginable: a run-down Victorian mansion full of gadgets, animals and robots owned by an old magician. After avoiding a series of magical traps, Thunder meets Jack the Rabbit and Maggie the Mouse, who feel immediately threatened by the cat. Thunder has no choice but to return to the streets. Alone and frightened, he gets rescued in an unexpected twist.

An adventure with a kitten in a strange mansion full of mysterious residents who have no wish to make him feel welcome.


Kilgore Goode's steam robots have built a laser barrier to stop you bursting into their laboratory.
Laser Challenge
Using your wits, reflexes and speed, you have to make your way through the laser beams to complete your mission. Get past them all and beat the record of the day to be the park champion.
Laser Buster
For our youngest adventurers, the Laser Buster is the most enjoyable way to get into Kilgore's lab. Get ready to jump and break as many laser beams as you can before your time is up.



Plunge in to total fun in the most incredible Splash Park you could ever imagine. Explore the mythical underwater kingdom of KATOPIA with your Aquanautus partner and become honorary Merkids with freedom to play in a splash and soak undersea fantasy. This fully themed Splash Park features a water fortress with multiple twisting slides, more than 150 interactive water elements and two drenching buckets that fill and release more than 3,000 litres of water every 3 to 5 minutes. Each session lasts 120 minutes. Changing areas and lockers are available. You can bring your own towel or buy a Maiya and Kumar towel as a souvenir. (Age and weight restrictions may apply).

Note: KATOPIA SPLASH PARK open from April 3 to October 18, 2020.


Emerging from ocean depths, the mythical kingdom of KATOPIA welcomes young adventurers to one of the largest soft play structures in Spain. Kids can make new friends and let their imagination run wild on 5 floors of air-conditioned adventures including  giant slides, interactive ball battles, tunnels and much more. Designed for children aged 12 and under and with a separate play area for ages 2 to 5. Each session features 90 minutes of play. Socks required. (Age and weight restrictions may apply).


Now everyone can experience a new dimension of emotions and jump right into the heart of the action through 4 incredible adventures in which you will fly, turn and roll, taking you beyond your imagination. Choose between four different and great adventures.


The dead have risen and now you have to stop the zombie apocalypse. Grab your gun and battle an endless onslaught of the living dead coming at you from either side. In this battle to save the world, only brilliant marksmanship can make you the hero of the hour. Will you survive the apocalypse or become a victim of your own mistakes?


Visit this decrepit amusement park in the hands of a disturbing clown from your worst nightmares and enjoy an experience you will never forget. Start a dizzying journey with spooky and unexpected encounters with the most psychotic creatures you could ever imagine. Open your way and show you have what it takes to survive a night in Carnival.


Become a mini-golf legend putting your skills to the test in two unique mini-golf courses in two contrasting mythical realms. Challenge the mythical world of fire with 18 holes featuring an erupting volcano or travel through the ice kingdom and 18 ice-cold holes. Only the best will be victorious but everyone is guaranteed to have loads of fun.


The Wild West comes to town as a result of Kilgore’s™ crazy journeys. Only the bravest can save the town. Armed with laser pistols to take down the bad guys, you'll take a simulated horseback ride that will put you right in the heart of the action. Take aim and compete with other riders to earn points: the winner is revealed at the end of the ride. Ready? Saddle up, take aim and fire!


Prepare yourself for the most horrifying nightmare. Once inside this sinister, haunted asylum, discover rooms full of chilling paranormal activities that stir all your senses. Dodge a flock of menacing blackbirds intent on pecking your eyes out, flee from headless spirits that want to pull you in and escape from an army of giant crawling bugs at your feet. This disturbing interactive experience will take you on a spine-tingling ride not for the faint-hearted. Overcome your darkest fears and survive. (Recommended age over 12).

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