Since being founded in the 6th century BC, this Bulgarian city has been one of the most important commercial ports on the Black Sea. Discovering its thousands of years of history is a great thing to do if you visit. Or just resting and relaxing on its beaches is another. Which do you prefer?

An ancient Bulgarian treasure

The Chalcolithic Necropolis of Varna was discovered in 1972 and found to contain invaluable gold jewels that were more than 6,000 years old. The discovery is currently on display in the city’s Archaeological Museum, and although it is considered one of the oldest treasure in the world, it’s not the only one in Varna. Other things you must see include the Byzantine-style Cathedral or the Church of the Assumption. Nearby is the colourful and popular Flower Market. Independence Square is home to two of the most important cultural centres in Varna: the Theatre and the Opera. The Roman Baths are the largest Roman baths on the Balkan Peninsula.

The official currency is the lev. We recommend you carry cash as some small businesses do not accept credit cards.
The official language is Bulgarian. Knowledge of other European languages is very common among the locals.
The quality of Internet access is good in hotels. Some bars and restaurants also offer free Wi-Fi to customers.
The weather is warm and rainy. The average annual temperature is 13⁰C.

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