No one could be surprised that this was a permanent source of inspiration for the charismatic Bob Marley. Visitors can’t fail to admire the stunning mountains, long beaches, beautiful waterfalls and crystal-clear waters.

To a reggae beat

This is the closest thing to feeling like being in a postcard. Few things are as relaxing as sunbathing on one of the huge Jamaican beaches with the sound of the reggae music that Bob Marley made world famous. Its fine sand and crystal-clear waters contrast with the rivers, waterfalls and exuberant nature in the interior. Scuba diving around the seabed in Montego Bay, with its beautiful coral reefs and colourful fish, or a trip up to the Blue Mountains are just two of the great things to do in Jamaica.

The “jay” or Jamaican dollar is the official currency. There are banks and exchange offices in all the main towns.
A dialect of English known as Jamaican English is spoken on the island, influenced by the island's African roots.
Internet access is generally good, although it may be of lower quality in rural areas or far away from the main towns.
The climate is warm and tropical with very nice temperatures throughout the year. The average annual temperature is 32⁰C.

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