The spectacular scenery, ancient traditions and futuristic major cities make this a country of huge contrasts. The Great Wall or the Forbidden City in Beijing are the perfect place for experiences full of wonder.

The charm of ancient traditions

Ancient traditions coexist in China with the most futuristic modern developments. China’s extraordinary history is most apparent when visiting popular monuments such as the Great Wall, which is over 9,000 kilometres long, the Terracotta Army in Xian, or the Giant Buddha, 71 metres tall. The peace of Fenghuang, known as a city frozen in time, contrasts with the bustle of one of the business and shopping capitals of the world, Hong Kong. Ready for contrasts?

The official currency is the renminbi. The name means “the people’s currency”. You can exchange foreign currency in banks and exchange offices.
The most widely spoken language in China is Mandarin Chinese. This is followed by Cantonese, otherwise known as “Yue”.
China generally has good-quality Internet access. Remember the network also has restrictions on the information that can be seen.
The climate is as diverse as the country is large. But in general, there are cold winters and hot summers with abundant rain.

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