Buenos Aires

Definitely one of the most cosmopolitan and varied cities in Latin America. History, music, culture, football and magnificent architecture come together on streets which are bursting with life.

The capital of good vibes

True to its name, Buenos Aires (good air) fills everyone who walks its bustling streets with positive energy. Its iconic, central Plaza de Mayo, surrounded by imposing buildings, is a great place to take the pulse of the city. A city whose symbol is the Obelisk and the iconic Casa Rosada. The historic centre and districts such as Puerto Madero, with its huge skyscrapers, or Palermo, the largest and most modern neighbourhood, are the places to explore in Buenos Aires. Another idea is to learn to dance the tango. Are you in?

The official currency of Buenos Aires is the peso. Foreign currency can be exchanged quickly and easily in banks and exchange offices.
The official language is Spanish, with characteristics typical of the city such as pronouncing the Spanish “y” and “ll” like the English pronounce “sh”.
Internet access in Buenos Aires does not usually present any problems. The city has a good signal in general.
The climate of Buenos Aires is temperate and humid. The average annual temperature is 17⁰C.

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