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Embodying the history of 20th century Europe. The spirit of change so characteristic of the German capital can be seen in a collection of monuments that reflect the historical evolution of the entire continent.

20th century European architecture

It is said that the greyness of its history has made it a city full of colour. The Brandenburg Gate is the city’s most iconic landmark, symbolising the division of Europe for a large part of the 20th century. A nice day in Berlin can be spent visiting the East Side Gallery, the largest remaining section of the Berlin Wall, and then lose yourself in the Mitte district, home to the most important squares and monuments and even today with visible reminders of World War II. The city is full of life, art, culture and magnificent architecture. And there is also great nightlife.

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The official currency is the euro. Payments are normally in cash and there is a minimum amount if you want to pay by card.
The official language is German. English is very widely spoken.
Internet access can be slow. The destination suffers from a lot of complaints about slow connections and lack of access to free Wi-Fi.
The weather is very cold in winter and very warm in summer. The average annual temperature is 12⁰C.

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