Embodying the history of 20th century Europe. The spirit of change so characteristic of the German capital can be seen in a collection of monuments that reflect the historical evolution of the entire continent.

a city with a bridge and a river

Nos hôtels à ベルリン

  • ジム
  • 会議室
  • VIP ラウンジ
  • ジム
  • 会議室
  • パーティー・宴会
The official currency is the euro. Payments are normally in cash and there is a minimum amount if you want to pay by card.
The official language is German. English is very widely spoken.
Internet access can be slow. The destination suffers from a lot of complaints about slow connections and lack of access to free Wi-Fi.
La météo
The weather is very cold in winter and very warm in summer. The average annual temperature is 12⁰C.

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