The most famous island archipelago in the Caribbean is a dream destination for fans of the sea and water sports. Its stunning beaches and spectacular marine flora and fauna make it a unique destination.

A Mecca for water sports

Swimming, surfing, fishing, sailing, canoeing, diving... the range of water sports on offer in the Bahamas is huge. Get ready to discover the largest coral reefs in the world, swim with dolphins or turtles, and even take a dip with the friendly pigs on the island of No Name Cay. If you prefer adventures on land, you can explore the caves in the Lucayán National Park or admire the sea from the pink sand of the beaches on the island of Eleuthera.

The official currency is the Bahamian dollar. Foreign currency can be easily exchanged in banks and exchange offices.
The official and most widely spoken language is English, with some local variations. So there are some people who speak the “Bahamas dialect”.
Internet access is good. The signal may vary according to your location. In hotels it is usually very good.
Spring is mild and summer is humid. Winter days are sunny and warm. From September to November there is occasional rain.

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