Phu Lý

Three rivers converge in the centre of this beautiful city, creating a natural environment which is well worth a visit. It is the best destination to learn about how the Vietnamese work the fields and discover the large lagoons that influence agriculture in the area.

The city of the three rivers

One of the main attractions in the capital of Ha Nam province is Thien Bao Tu Pagoda, which is over a thousand years old. Another essential visit if you are visiting Phu Ly on holiday are the 5 Ngu Ba Danh Grottoes on Cam Mountain, just a few kilometres from the city. The beauty and mystery of these caves has made them the subject of Vietnamese poetry and music since time immemorial. A very special and traditional local event is the Lieu Doi Wrestling Festival, held once a year and a totally unforgettable experience if you’re lucky enough to get to see it.

The official currency is the dong. In some small shops, payment by credit card is not accepted.
The official language is Vietnamese. People who work with the public are often fluent in English.
The quality of Internet access is generally good. Many bars and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi.
The climate is humid and subtropical, with cold, dry winters and hot, humid summers.

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