Bathed by the waters of the Atlantic, this beautiful city in south-western Spain is home to the spectacular La Barrosa Beach. 8 kilometres of wide, sandy beach make it one of the best beaches in Spain.

Between the sea and the land

Following the route of the “7 Magic Points” through a selection of different places with unique views of the city is a great way to start discovering Chiclana. The Plaza Mayor is the central hub of the city. It is also home to two of its most beautiful buildings: the neoclassical Church of San Juan Bautista and The Clock Tower, one of its most important architectural attractions. The Santa Ana Hermitage is its most iconic monument. The Hermitage has a viewpoint with spectacular panoramic views. A boat trip to the island of Sancti Petri and a visit to its fascinating castle is an experience that you should not miss in Chiclana. Nor should you miss a visit to the market to buy fresh produce from both the sea and the land.

The currency used is the euro. Credit cards are accepted in most places.
The official language is Spanish, spoken with the characteristic pronunciation of southern Spain.
The most popular beaches provide free Wi-Fi for one hour.
The weather is generally warm. Summers are hot and sunny, and winters are mild. The temperature ranges from 8⁰C to 29⁰C during the year.

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