The city with the most theme parks in the United States is an oasis of fun for young and old, and the best destination for creating family memories.

Our hotels in Orlando

a pool with lounge chairs and palm trees
a pool with palm trees and a building with a pool
a building with palm trees and a round building
a pool with a table and chairs in front of it
a white building with a playground and trees
  • Valet parking
  • Laundry
  • Adapted for people with reduced mobility
a group of people on a roller coaster
a building with trees and people on the street
a large globe fountain with lights
The official currency is the dollar. Credit or debit cards are accepted in most places.
The most widely spoken language is English. However, Spanish is also very common and also some French.
Internet access is generally very good. Excellent in hotels.
Summers are long, fairly hot and humid. Winters are short and warm.

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