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The turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea wash over this picturesque and popular destination in the northwest of the country. Its spectacular natural setting and beautiful beaches make it an ideal place for a relaxing holiday in Albania.

In perfect harmony

The seaside region of Velipoja stretches along several kilometres of sandy beaches and green landscapes. Surrounded by natural beauties such as the Albanian mountains and Lake Shkodra, the largest in the Balkans, it is perfect for enjoying the sun and the sea, and for water sports and outdoor activities. Its charming town centre offers a bustling nightlife, traditional craft shops and delicious local cuisine. Mediterranean flavours influenced by Italian, Greek and Turkish cuisine perfectly pair with Albanian wines, true undiscovered gems. Being close to the town of Shkodra makes it possible to visit historical sites such as the Rozafa Castle and the National Museum of Photography “Marubi”. Because of the fusion of breathtaking scenery and the serenity it exudes, this destination offers an unforgettable experience in Albania.

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The lek is the legal tender in Albania. The euro and dollar are accepted in most tourist establishments.
Albanian, with its two dialects, Gogol and Tosk, is the official language. But many locals speak English or Italian.
There are many tourist establishments where you can enjoy free Wi-Fi. Purchasing a local SIM card ensures your connection.
Its Mediterranean climate combines hot, dry summers with mild winters and plenty of rainfall.

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