Hotels in Santiago de Compostela

The end of The Way of St. James. Whichever route you take when you do the popular medieval Christian pilgrimage, they all end up in this beautiful city in northern Spain. Its stunning cathedral is home to the mortal remains of the apostle that gives the city its name.

The end of the road

If you aim to visit Santiago de Compostela, it’s best to start where the thousands of pilgrims end their long walk: in the Plaza del Obradoiro. The plaza is dominated by Santiago Cathedral with its iconic “botafumeiro”. Wandering around the streets of the old town or visiting the City of Culture of Galicia, designed by the New York architect Peter Eisenman, are two more great things to do in Santiago. Enjoy the pleasure of a stroll along the Rúa do Franco, home to a historic building owned by the University of Santiago and to a large part of the city’s restaurants and bars. You also have to make a mandatory stop at the Mercado de Abastos. This is where the fresh seafood arrives and so a place where you can try some of the most typical dishes, such as octopus “a la feira”, Galician pasties and pies or the “Tarta de Santiago” sponge cake.

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The currency used is the euro. Credit and debit card payment is accepted in most places.
The official languages are Spanish and Galician, a Romance language derived from Latin and similar to Portuguese.
There are free public Wi-Fi hotspots in public buildings, parks, shopping centres, schools and hotels.
Summers are mild and winters are cold and rainy. The temperature throughout the year ranges between 5⁰C and 25⁰C.

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