Some people call if the “Venice of Portugal” due to the beautiful canals that cross the city. Instead of gondolas, Aveiro has “moliceiros”, lovely boats with bright colours and a very unusual shape which we recommend you use to help you discover the city.

City of bridges and canals

Located on the banks of the Aveiro estuary, the historic centre of this beautiful Portuguese city has a large number of Art-Nouveau modernist buildings. The Nova Art Museum is one of the most outstanding due to its spectacular façade. One of the buildings that attracts the most visitors in Aveiro is its cathedral, with a beautiful bell tower. The Plaza del Ayuntamiento is one of the busiest squares in the city and home to the Church of Mercy, another jewel in the crown of Aveiro. If you’re looking for something else to see in Aveiro, we recommend all the bridges. The city has so many bridges which cross its canals. The onesthat are most popular with visitors are the Carcavelos and Enamorados bridges. There are also a lot of pastry shops. Don’t leave without having tasted the “ovos”!

The currency used is the euro. You can exchange foreign currency at banks and withdraw cash with a credit card at ATMs.
The official language is Portuguese. Given the similarity with their language, many locals also understand Spanish.
The city centre has several areas with free Wi-Fi hotspots.
The climate is Mediterranean. The average temperature in winter is 13⁰C and in summer 26⁰C.

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