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  • Международная кухня

A hamburger cooked just right. An original salad. A pizza or some ravioli with pesto. You choose what you want from the buffet in the Pelícanos building. There is also a show-cooking area where you can see your favourite dishes being prepared in real time.


  • Международная кухня
  • Вид на бассейн

This restaurant in the Ocas building always leaves a lovely taste in your mouth. A buffet with a show-cooking area which everyone will love. With salads, fish and meat dishes, delicious fresh fruit and vegetables. And an Italian corner at Sol Pelícanos Ocas: Mamma mia!


  • Вид на бассейн

Would you like a fruit juice or a cocktail? Then come and savour our pool bar. Open in summer for your favourite juice, cocktail or soft drink in the most refreshing setting.


  • Аперитивы
  • Вид на бассейн

Look no further. Next to the pool in the Ocas building is an area where you can share a snack and your favourite drinks and ice creams. Do you already know what you’re going to order?


  • Аперитивы

For more informal meals, visit our restaurant next to the swimming pools in the Pelícanos building. Serving salads, burgers, pizzas, delicious sandwiches... and the most refreshing soft drinks, juices and cocktails.


    The ideal place to enjoy a well-deserved rest after an intense day of activities in the sun. Choose from a wide variety of cocktails, juices and soft drinks. Open from 9am to 1am, so you always have time to visit.


      The best beach bar without having to go to the beach. From 9pm to midnight, visit our original wooden bar on the terrace of the Ocas building. And order your favourite drink. Relish a wonderful summer night at Sol Pelícanos Ocas.

      All Inclusive

      • Аперитивы

      From breakfast to dinner. Enjoy a treat or a snack. Or quench your thirst. For all of you. Because you deserve not having to worry about a thing and having everything within easy reach thanks to an all-inclusive service that will make your mouth water.

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