Its strategic location makes the capital of the Bahamas a mandatory stop for most cruise ships sailing through the Caribbean. On land, the number of things you can do in the city is almost infinite.

The most turquoise water in the Caribbean

Sunbathing, resting or water sports on the magnificent beaches with a stunning turquoise sea is one of the best plans for a vacation in Nassau. Located on the island of New Providence, the capital of the Bahamas is connected by a bridge to Paradise Island, another of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. Climbing the 66 steps of Las Escaleras de la Reina, sculpted in limestone rock, shopping and haggling over typical products at the Straw Market, visiting the Pirates Museum, or seeing the pink flamingos at the zoo are just a few things to do in Nassau if you want to have fun.

The official currency is the Bahamian dollar. Although credit cards are accepted in most places, we recommended you carry cash.
The official language is British English rather than American English.
The quality of Internet access is good throughout the city. Some places have free public Wi-Fi hotspots.
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The climate is warm throughout the year. That’s why many people call it the city of eternal summer. The average temperature is 26⁰C.

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