Located alongside the iconic River Tyne, this all-day restaurant is an exciting space serving the best Italian dishes and the UK's largest selection of Franciacorta wines.


On the banks of the River Tyne

From breakfast, lunch and dinner to delicious drinks throughout the day, the restaurant offers guests beautiful spaces in which to relax, enjoy and savour. Discover the genuine taste of the Mediterranean in a beautiful restaurant full of natural light and menus full of Italian dishes made with local ingredients.



Savour breakfast with us!

Start the day with positive energy and our delicious breakfast. We have an extensive breakfast menu for all tastes. With healthy options if you want to start the day with something light, or a full English breakfast if you prefer. And if you just want a coffee on the terrace while you check your emails, you will also be very welcome.

In Gino's style

Gino raises the bar when it comes to Italian cuisine. Leveraging his extensive knowledge about artisan Italian suppliers, he ensures that guests enjoy only the finest ingredients. The menu includes dishes created by Gino and his team for his famous books and TV shows.

Would you prefer a seat on the terrace?

Take a seat in the most comfortable spot in Newcastle, with an open-plan design and a sun-soaked outdoor terrace overlooking the iconic River Tyne. Try our fantastic selection of Prosecco, sparkling and Franciacorta wines from the UK. There are over 30 varieties to choose from!

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