Cua Lo Town

Fishing the traditional way under a sky full of stars is one of the most authentic and relaxing activities you can do in Cua Lo Town. The beach with the calmest waters in northern Vietnam.

The experience of savouring delicious fresh seafood

The coastline of this beautiful Vietnamese city is protected by numerous small islands that act as a natural barrier to protect it from the currents and waves. An endless beach in perpetual calm. Renting a small boat and sailing to one of the small islands that lie off the coast is an activity you must not miss if you’re thinking of visiting Cua Lo Town on holiday. Watching the local fishermen at work at night is an amazing sight. Some of them allow tourists to go fishing with them and to savour freshly caught seafood on the boat itself.

The official currency is the dong. Visitors should carry cash as credit cards are not widely used.
The official language is Vietnamese. People in the most densely populated areas generally speak some basic English.
The city has a strong signal. Many bars and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi.
The climate is cool and dry in winter and hot with a lot of rain in summer.

Cua Lo Town酒店



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