ERRE offers an ultimate dining experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Die-hard carnivores won’t be able to resist our unique grilled meats and fine wines.


The art of grilling

Allow Master Griller Íñigo Urrechu to take you on a culinary journey, bursting with creativity and delicious flavours. You will never look at a grill the same way again! What’s more, our professional sommelier will give you advice on which wine to pair your choice with. You will need it – we have over 200 wines to choose from!



Our products are primordial

At ERRE, not only are we masters of the grill, we also pride ourselves on the quality of the raw materials that we choose to work with. Only the best is good enough – we choose seasonal organic vegetables, wild fish and outstanding Spanish and international meats.

Vegan option

A grill for those who don’t eat meat or fish? Yes, you heard right. ERRE also caters for vegan diners, with an extensive variety of dishes made from organic ingredients grown in our own vegetable garden.

Experts in wine and cocktails

Choose from over 200 wines from all over the world. Feel like treating yourself? Ask our expert waiters to make you a signature cocktail with the finest spirits.

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