The Mediterranean is famous for its healthy cuisine. And even better with local ingredients. Trasluz proves this by adding an exquisite personalised touch to the typical local rice dishes.


Mediterranean cuisine of the highest order

Trasluz combines the essence of traditional recipes that has rightly made Alicante rice dishes famous worldwide, with the avant-garde flair of our chef. Accompany these dishes with delicious local produce, with starters including prawns from Santa Pola or octopus from the bay. Always in a most welcoming and sophisticated ambience.



The best rice dishes

Discover your favourite rice dish from our menu: local rice “a banda”, or with cuttlefish and squid ink, or pork, dried tomato and garlic... it’s not an easy choice.

A Mediterranean heart

Caressed by the sun and kissed by the sea breeze. Savour the most exquisite flavours from the sea and the land. Enjoy a Mediterranean diet.

By day and night

Savour delicious meals by the light of day. And return for dinner accompanied by reflections of the port and city lights on the sea. Decide which light show you enjoy most.

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