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  • Japanese cuisine
  • City view

A meeting place where food and drinks are shared around the robata (Ro), surrounded by heat, warmth and an all-embracing energy (Ka). The principle cuisine is from the Robata grill, originally used by the fishermen in the northern seas of Japan, who would cook the fish on their boats with different kinds of coal and share their creations using their oars.

The MAINE Land Brasserie

  • Steakhouse
  • Street view

Capturing the clubby spirit of a handsomely timeworn brasserie, The MAINE resembles an old-world steakhouse with an undertow of sensuality. The menu cascades from shellfish to snails and fresh fish to bespoke steak cuts. A few 'old war horses' from the original MAINE menu in JBR have been summoned, but the menu also features new dishes that will surprise and delight.

Salmon Guru

  • Avant-garde cuisine
  • City view

A mixture of exotic and unusual flavours that creates tasty and original dishes. This is not a conventional cocktail bar, but more a different kind of space where you can experiment with mixology and open up to new experiences.

Basko Dubai

  • Mediterranean cuisine
  • City view

Mediterranean restaurant designed in the style of a 1960’s Niçoise lounge. Features a speakeasy bar called Suave on the upper floor of the restaurant that serves ultra-tasty Mediterranean dishes fused with Basque cuisine and combined with funky cocktails .


  • Local cuisine
  • Exclusive views

With a fearless vision, Alena Solodovichenko, Michelin-awarded chef from Moscow, seeks to revolutionise urban dining. In the world of SFUMATO Gastro Atelier, the delicate flavours of local products take centre stage, transforming vegetables and roots into sophisticated ingredients. At this restaurant in Dubai every dish is a testament to the beauty and potential of local produce.

Sfumato Coffe Point

  • Light meals
  • Street view

Located in the heart of the hotel and with an iconic design by Zaha Hadid, this space offers a magnificent choice of delicious delicacies. From the most spectacular tarts and cakes to roasted coffee beans from the top coffee-growing regions in the world.

Central Cosmo Tapas & Bar

  • Spanish cuisine
  • City view

A traditional Spanish tapas restaurant and bar in a modern and cosmopolitan space and with an emphasis on contemporary Spanish flavours. The breakfast service includes an extensive choice of à la carte options ranging from savoury to sweet and with a twist on traditional culinary styles.

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