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Samuel Stones



Ah, the Meliá Costa Del Sol – a hotel experience that’s like a fine wine served in a paper cup. This is my honest review as an avid Meliá hotel user in every country I visit. First impressions? Absolutely charming! The reception lobby is a visual delight with its elegant decor, gleaming surfaces, and an atmosphere of pristine cleanliness that only an army of diligent cleaners can achieve. Hats off to the unsung heroes with mops and brooms! But then we wend our way to the rooms. Imagine stepping back into the 70s, an era when brown, cream and beige ruled supreme, and not in a retro-chic way. The rooms feel a tad dated, and don’t get me started on the stairs – it’s like the hotel’s forgotten that they exist. Yet, redemption lies by the pool. The bar staff here are a delightful bunch, always ready with a smile and a well-mixed drink - a big thank you to Paula who was amazing. The cocktails are good, the prices reasonable, and after a couple of sangrias, you might just forget the culinary catastrophe awaiting you. Speaking of which… The food. Oh dear. If variety is the spice of life, the menu at Meliá Costa Del Sol is as bland as boiled cabbage. The choices are limited, and the quality leaves much to be desired. You might find yourself daydreaming about the good ol' days of airplane food. Yes, it’s that bad. Adding to the mix are the staff in blue, a.k.a. the lifeguards. Their constant vigilance borders on paranoia, making you feel like you're swimming in a Bond villain's lair rather than a holiday resort. And heaven forbid you touch a parasol without their permission – expect a public shaming reminiscent of a school assembly. And then there's the crowd. Busy is an understatement. It's as if half of Europe decided to convene here. With not enough sun loungers to go around, securing one feels like winning a mini-lottery. The air conditioning, or lack thereof, is another story. It's more of a gentle whisper than a cooling breeze, leaving you with a choice: sweat it out or head for the shower. The lifts? Oh boy. They're tiny, stifling hot, and have a penchant for taking their sweet time. Waiting for them feels like being stuck in a perpetual game of “will it, won’t it.” Now, about those round VIP sun beds overlooking the beach – touted as the height of luxury for a princely sum of €55. Spoiler alert: they’re about as comfortable as a park bench and not much bigger. Save your euros and stick to the regular sun loungers. Parking is another pricy predicament at €22 a day, and good luck finding a spot on the street. But hey, navigating around the area is a breeze, so there’s that. In summary, Meliá Costa Del Sol is a bit of a mixed bag. It shines in places and falters in others. If you can overlook the food, the dated rooms, and the occasional discomfort, you might just have a decent time. Or, like a good holiday story, you’ll have plenty to laugh about later.




Estupendo los días que hemos pasado. Restauerante bufete espectacular. Comida de diez, y atención de profesionales fabuloso. Los chiringuitos de fuera del hotel, pero que pertenecen a este, buena relación calidad precio , y muy buena asistencia. Muy recomendable

Alexandru Robert Mara



The rooms are nice and clean but the gap under the entrance door was so huge that the noise and the light coming from the hallway was disturbing our sleep. The bed was in fact 2 doubles moved one next to the other, always moving around and creating a gap through the middle of the bed. Food was blend and tasteless most of the time. Sometimes it was ok, but on just a few occasions. The door was faulty and we could not access the room a couple of times and had to go down to the reception where we have directly been accused of demagnetisation of the key card by the front desk lady, just for her to realise in a few seconds that the key card was not demagnetised. She did not even bother to apologise for the inconvenience and said she will send over a handyman who never came. Lifts are small and too few for the number of guests, having to wait up to 10 minutes for a lift or to take the stairs up and down all the time.

Jose Barrero



Estuve celebrando las bodas de plata con mi pareja pedimos habitación y servicio The Level y fue impresionante no puedo describir la experiencia ya que todo era inmejorable desde la habitación como la planta The Level piscina privada salones con televisiones aperitivos todo una fantasía repetiría mil veces

Rodolfo PEREZ



Excelente vacaciones en la costa del Sol.

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