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Nani contreras



Wir hatten einen wunderbaren Aufenthalt .Von Anfang bis Ende war alles einfach perfekt. Das Zimmer war komfortabel und gut ausgestattet, aber was unseren Aufenthalt wirklich besonders gemacht hat, war der außergewöhnliche Service von Gabriela, dem Zimmermädchen. Sie hat unser Zimmer immer makellos sauber und aufgeräumt gehalten und war stets freundlich und hilfsbereit. Es war eine Freude, nach einem langen Tag in ein so einladendes und gepflegtes Zimmer zurückzukehren. Die Lage des Hotels ist ebenfalls hervorragend, und das Personal an der Rezeption war immer bereit, uns mit Empfehlungen und Unterstützung zu helfen. Wir haben unseren Aufenthalt sehr genossen und würden definitiv wiederkommen. Vielen Dank an das gesamte Team und besonders an Gabriela für ihren tollen Service!

Anthony Crocker



This really is a review of two halves... The room, breakfast, comfort, location etc are all top notch and cannot be faulted at all. If it was for these factors alone this would be a solid five star review... However, there were some elements that really need to be addressed rather urgently by the management as it's taking the shine off of what is otherwise an exceptional hotel. The rooftop and pool has now been split with the coast side view for exclusive use by a separate business (although I did see the rooftop bar manager walking around the breakfast room, so not sure just how "separate" they are), which means hotel guest have use of the sun loungers towards the rear of the hotel, you can pay 30 euros for a poolside lounger or quite a bit more for a day bed... but it just looks stupid!.. with everyone crowded up on the back half of the loungers and the coast side sat bare... On the second day we were enjoying the loungers allocated to the guests of the hotel and had some snacks from our room (literally a share bag of crisps and a bottle of coke) - when the aforementioned manager of the 'separate' business comes mincing over and chastises us, explaining that only food and drink purchased at the bar can be consumed... even after we explained we were guests of the hotel and as such were not obliged to eat the food and drinks provided exclusively we continued to be chastised... 'you wouldn't take McDonalds into a restaurant WOULD YOU?' snipped the receptionist... Well no, but I would be perfectly entitled to bring that to my bedroom in a hotel.. so bad luck on that example! Another manager apologised and sent a bottle of bubbles to our room as a gesture, which was nice, but only really served to prove that they knew ultimately we were right in the first place... This and a few other things, sort of set an air of hustle culture.... whoever's running the place is clearly looking for every opportunity to shake your wallet... which just feels so at odds with the ambience of the hotel that's been created... but ultimately.. ITS NOT WORKING... the rooftop bar and sun loungers where empty the whole time we were there, people can smell a scam, and your offering is better than this! Please rectify these experience issues and I would happily stay in your hotel again!

Gianfranco Sciascio



Abbiamo soggiornato in questo hotel dal 12 al 19 giugno 2024, all' arrivo ci ha accolto Abraham in maniera eccellente ci ha fornito informazioni e assistenza per tutto il soggiorno, purtroppo unica cosa dolente la struttura è ubicata in una zona frequentata da tanti giovani ubriachi, e nelle vicinanze vi sono parecchi locali di lap dance e night club, la posizione non è adatta alle famiglie

emilia rusen




Jamie Hine



Highly recommend to come here, for its infinity pool, and excellent location 👏

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