Ẩm thực

Khám phá 6 nhà hàng và quán bar của chúng tôi

Olea Restaurant

  • Ẩm thực Địa Trung Hải

Try our European cuisine in a Mediterranean ambiance with some exotic influences. Perfect for private events, enjoy freshly brewed tea or coffee and an assortment of tasty snacks, pastries and desserts.

The Lantern Restaurant

  • Ẩm thực địa phương

Enjoy authentic Vietnamese, Indian and Chinese cuisine at this wonderful restaurant. An elegant venue with an open-plan kitchen and private dining rooms.

The Market

  • Ẩm thực Quốc tế

Open throughout the day, savor the tastiest Asian and international dishes. A dynamic space with a buffet service for breakfast, lunch and dinner. An à la carte menu and set menu are available for guests who prefer a little less variety.

Garbo Bar

    Ideal for private events, it combines the best drinks with a selection of dishes to deliver a gourmet dining experience that is both informal and relaxed.

    Lobby Bar

      Sometimes busy and sometimes quiet, our bar welcomes you with a drink and a quick snack. A comfortable corner to socialize, relax and meet up with friends or business partners.

      Elyxr (Deli Shop)

        A selection of home-baked breads, viennoiseries, cookies, pastries and cakes. Savor all these delicious and surprising delicacies. A pleasure for your senses!

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