The cobbled streets, beautiful old town and colourful façades make Trinidad one of the most picturesque cities in Cuba. And thanks to its famous sugar plantations, also one of the sweetest!

A sweet destination

The Church of the Holy Trinity (Santísima Trinidad) gives the name to the city with one of the best preserved historical centres in Cuba. The city’s colonial past is kept alive in its iconic mansions with red roofs and wooden balustrades. The architecture of Trinidad is so precious that it has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the roof of the Colonial Architecture Museum, you can see a beautiful panoramic view of the city. The Valle de los Ingenios, a former sugar plantation, is also a UNESCO site. You shouldn’t leave without visiting the Cascadas del Nicho National Park or taking a dip in the sea at Ancón.

The only official currency is the Cuban peso. Cash is recommended, as credit cards are not always accepted.
The official language is the Cuban variant of Spanish, which includes vocabulary from ancient indigenous languages.
There are free public Wi-Fi hotspots available. Internet access is good in hotels.
The climate in Trinidad is tropical and warm. The temperature ranges between 31⁰C and 23⁰C throughout the year.

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