The island with the biggest personality in the Caribbean and its heart in the capital Havana, a place you must see to take the true pulse of a destination that has aged extremely well.

To a Caribbean beat

The remains of a splendid colonial past are still very much present on one of the most authentic islands in the Caribbean. The architectural beauty of Old Havana, where the famous huge, colourful old cars fill the streets, is an image worthy of a postcard. Visit beaches and keys, take a horseback ride through Viñales, or stroll around Trinidad: just some of the things to do on holiday in Cuba. However, one of the most wonderful attractions in Cuba is the optimism of its people.

The only official currency in Cuba is the Cuban peso. The Cuban economy works mainly in cash. The use of credit cards is limited to ATMs and resorts.
The official language is Spanish, although a good part of the population speaks fairly well in English.
The quality of the Internet signal is good in the big cities and in tourist areas.
Cuba has a tropical climate with two well defined seasons: from November to April is the dry season, and from May to October the rainy season.

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