The country’s stunning natural beauty and the longest stretch of Caribbean coastline is sometimes overshadowed by the global fame of its oil fields. Exuberant nature makes it the ideal destination for the most adventurous travellers.

Having fun in exuberant nature

Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world alongside the indigenous town of Canaima, is the most famous natural attraction, but not the only one that’s worth seeing. Venezuela has numerous islands and archipelagos, including Los Roques with more than 300 islands. The most intrepid travellers should visit Merida, the capital of adventure sports. You can also feel like a cowboy on the beautiful plains of Los Llanos, climb up to the spectacular flat peak of the Roraima mountain, or visit the noisy parrots and howler monkeys in the Orinoco Delta. Who is interested?

The official currency is the bolivar. Foreign currency cannot be used to make payments.
The most widely spoken official language is Spanish, although there are also 31 official indigenous languages in the country.
Most hotels offer good Wi-Fi Internet access. In areas further away from the cities, there may be coverage issues.
The climate can vary greatly depending on the altitude. In the lower regions, the climate is tropical and temperatures range between 26⁰C and 28⁰C.

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