This stunning country and archipelago has more than 10,000 islands and only one problem for visitors: deciding which islands to visit. You can’t fail to be fascinated by its exuberant nature and volcanic terrain.

The country of 10,000 islands

Admire the largest volcanic lake in the world on the island of Sumatra. See how orangutans live in total freedom in the wild in Borneo. Do some yoga and surf on the cosmopolitan island of Bali. Eat amongst the huge rice paddies on Lombok. See the surprising funeral rites in Sulawesi. Discover complex Hindu mythology at Prambanan, home to 249 temples on the island of Java. See the Komodo dragons. Enjoy ancestral rites in Flores... every island has so much to do and Indonesia brings together more than 10,000 islands. Can you imagine?

The official currency is the Indonesian rupiah, derived from the currency of India and popularly known as Perak.
The official language is Indonesian, but around 1,000 different languages or dialects are also spoken in the country. English is widely spoken in most tourist areas.
In hotels and tourist areas you can often find good quality, free Wi-Fi.
The climate is tropical. There are big differences between the two seasons: the monsoon, which is the rainy season, and the dry season.

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