The cobbled streets, beautiful old town and colourful façades make Trinidad one of the most picturesque cities in Cuba. And thanks to its famous sugar plantations, also one of the sweetest!

Our hotels in トリニダ

a building with a pool and palm trees
a long walkway between palm trees
aerial view of a resort
a sailboat on a beach
a room with a large bookcase and a coffee table
  • ジム
  • イベント
  • 屋外プール
a street with a clock tower and palm trees with Trinidad in the background
a palm tree in a grassy area
a tall tower with a bell and flowers
a group of people sitting on stairs
a walkway with bushes and trees in front of a building
The only official currency is the Cuban peso. Cash is recommended, as credit cards are not always accepted.
The official language is the Cuban variant of Spanish, which includes vocabulary from ancient indigenous languages.
There are free public Wi-Fi hotspots available. Internet access is good in hotels.
The climate in Trinidad is tropical and warm. The temperature ranges between 31⁰C and 23⁰C throughout the year.

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