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Mofongo cultural gastronomic experience

Delight your palate with a mouthwatering dish that pays homage to the local culinary culture gourmet mofongo a la Paradisus.

Exhibition with tasting and chocolate experience workshop

Delocious! Explore the benefits, history and economic importance of chocolate as the country s star product. Also, enjoy a tasting of this delectable treat, from dark or pure chocolate to the most sophisticated, and make your own 100% organic chocolate from the cob.

Larimar Exhibition

Larimar, a rare variety of the mineral pectolite, is found only in the Dominican Republic. Learn about the origin, history and production of this precious stone rich with white, blue and deep green shades. Also, attend a workshop and learn how to carve your own stone and transform it into a jewel.

a large resort with a pool and palm trees

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