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Кръстю Кръстев



Най-доброто за всяко семейство с деца!

Valentin Tudosie



Excellent service! Everything and everyone so professional,helpful and friendly! We enjoyed our stay so much that we booked for one more night.

Janean Kenyon



Brilliant hotel..went with my 2 daughters 20 and 27 and my grandson..2.5yrs. He had the best time ,very good for kids..rooms were very spacious and clean and staff couldn't be more helpful. We all had a fantastic experience 😀

Lucy Bidgood



Lovely lovely hotel. It's super clean, there's something for everyone here. Lots of activities provided by the entertainment team - try the "aqua aerobics" it's great fun. Evening entertainment is fabulous - the entertainment team work very hard providing something for everyone very varied every evening. The acts they provide are to a high standard. There's a kids club but I haven't used it. Gym, hairdressers and spa but we haven't used them. Towel hire. We went all inclusive: the food variety is astonishing we ate so well (the aqua aerobics came in helpful here!) Great job Paco! The pool bar staff are by far the friendliest and smiliest. Generous allotted time slots for meals in the restaurant. We got a free meal at the Italian restaurant included which was amazing. Lots of daytime snacks available to suit many tastes; pretzels, hotdogs, chips, ice cream, fruit, doughnuts to name a few! Slides, splash pool, inside pool, private beach and access to the sea taxi - takes you straight to old town Nessebar - a must do, it cost my son and I 15 Lev which is about £7.50!! The lazy river is great fun. The hotel decor is to a high standard. Every member of staff works so hard, you'll always see someone working everywhere you go. Lots of mini bars situated all over the complex. 2 mini supermarkets/shops onsite. As you exit the hotel walk about 7 minutes left and you'll find a parade of shops selling towels, inflatables etc the usual holiday stuff plus supermarkets, street food etc. Rooms are very comfortable and spacious. This hotel comes very highly recommended worth every penny. Just a warning - bring Calpol, Ibuprofen, paracetamol etc with you as they're only available by prescription. My son got a temperature whilst here - luckily I had Calpol but I couldn't get Ibuprofen. Needed a Dr as it was an infection anyway. Which thankfully is on site (at a cost), another bonus and we only waited about ten minutes. Love love love this place, despite the illness! Negative edit ** (note to self review at end of holiday)I have a few complaints here.,.. The pool isn't cleaned and has lots of bird poo, dead insects, debris and goodness knows what floating in it. When you look around the outside of the pool there is a green film all the way round the outside yuk!! The inside pool is lovely but at times the chemicals can be a little strong. A map of the site with times would be helpful as we didn't spot the baguette hut and outside toilet by the pool, until day 12! Last moan - the people who empty rubbish from the pool side are a bit too eager. They threw my son's food away whilst he removed a bug from the sun lounger. He was only gone 1 minute and the restaurant had closed so he couldn't get anymore. Annoyingly I had my back turned observing my son, they only had to ask. **




Hotel spoko, tylko już lekko nadgryziony zębem czasu, przydałoby się lekkie odświeżenie. Obsługa pokoi pierwsza klasa, wszystkie panie z dobra znajomością angielskiego, sprzątały pokoje i wymieniały ręczniki codziennie, nawet jeśli to nie było potrzebne. Obsługa na jadłodajniach jak wyżej, chętna, pomocna i uśmiechnięta, a byliśmy ostatnim turnusem w sezonie. Jedzenie fantastyczne, duża różnorodność, przez tydzień nie udało mi się wszystkiego spróbować. Jeśli ktoś narzeka na jedzenie, to chyba malkontent, który musi mieć schabowego w niedziele. Nawet rosół był. Prywatna plaża, piaszczysta, widać z niej skąd wzięła się nazwa morza.

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