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Знаменитый шеф-повар


  • Итальянская кухня
  • Вид на улицу

Redefining the concept of Italian fine dining, Follie arises with the unpredictable chef Luciano Monosilio as its creative mastermind. The place to surrender to the perfect pasta, to clear, earthy flavours and to ingredients of ancient origins that go back to the Roman Empire times.


  • Аперитивы
  • Вид на улицу

A decommissioned church will be your heavenly host for this unique dining experience. Enjoy mouthwatering light bites paired with delicious signature cocktails, with relaxing music setting the scene to perfection.


  • Аперитивы
  • Вид на бассейн

Head to the Gala Pool for an exclusive experience with classic light bites, bursting with freshness and taste. Enjoy the delights of al-fresco dining, surrounded by lemon trees, strawberry plants, and olive groves. A real treat for all the senses.

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