El Burladero

A popular hangout for locals and visitors alike! Enjoy mouthwatering tapas in a unique setting - Chef Javier Rico Martín is renowned for his ability to combine traditional Andalusian cuisine with modern trends. Book a table and enjoy a fun, atmosphere which tells the story of Seville’s bull-fighting tradition.

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Tasty and traditional

Choose from a wide selection of tapas, our delicious set menu, or a personalised culinary experience on our terrace. Javier Rico Martín is used to catering for even the most demanding palettes, combining traditional Andalusian cooking techniques and ingredients with a healthy dose of modernity. A place which tells the story of Seville’s bull-fighting culture, where traditions are re-invented.


Canalejas, 1

Hotel Colón Gran Meliá

In essence

Your favourite tapas – only better

A taste of Seville through its most traditional tapas, such as the cold salmorejo soup or delicious oxtail.

Javier Rico Martín

Our renowned chef is famous for taking a traditional recipe and making it his own, adding new flavours and textures according to the latest trends. He is more than just a chef – each dish is a work of art, and he puts his stamp on traditional Andalusian cuisine and leaving everyone with a good taste in the mouth (in more ways than one).

Authentic bull-fighting ambiance

This restaurant tells the story of Seville’s love of tradition, fine dining, art, and of course, bull fighting. Whether you choose to dine indoors or on our spectacular terrace, you are guaranteed to enjoy Seville’s lively and vibrant atmosphere.

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