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Spectacular architecture, modern bars and traditional taverns are all popular attractions in the old town. A combination that makes the city ideal for an evening of tapas or sampling the excellent Bierzo wine.

Các khách sạn của chúng tôi tại Leon

a room with couches and chairs
a reception desk in a hotel
a lobby with an elevator and signs
a building with a sign on the front
a building with many windows
a courtyard with a building in the background
a courtyard with tables and chairs in front of a building
a stained glass windows in a building
a multicolored glass wall of a building
Tiền tệ
The currency used is the euro. Credit card payment is accepted in most places.
Ngôn ngữ
The official language is Spanish. People who attend the general public often also speak English, German or French.
There are about thirty free Wi-Fi hotspots in the city. The network is highly secure and you have to refresh access every 15 minutes.
Thời tiết
Summers are short, warm and sunny. Winters are very cold and cloudy. The temperature during the year ranges between 0⁰C and 27⁰C.

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