Manchester played a key role in the Industrial Revolution, but there are many more things to visit in addition to beautiful old factories converted into museums. The neo-Gothic university library is like something from a Harry Potter book.

Reminders of a great industrial past

The number of cultural and leisure activities on offer in this English city is truly spectacular. The City Hall is a neo-Gothic Victorian building in the central Albert Square. It has an 87-metre-tall clock similar to Big Ben. Picadilly Gardens is a great place to start a tour through the Northern Quarter, a bohemian district where urban art brightens up the façades of bars and restaurants. The city’s Gothic cathedral was bombed during World War II. Wandering through the huge Chinatown area or stopping for a rest in Heaton Park are experiences you must not miss in Manchester. As well as a visit to the legendary Old Trafford Stadium, the home of Manchester United, one of the most successful football teams in the world.

The official currency is the pound. You can exchange foreign currency in banks and exchange offices.
The official language is English, characterised by not pronouncing the letter “r” if it follows a vowel.
Most bars and restaurants offer customers free Wi-Fi.
Summers are mild and winters are very cold, rainy and windy. The temperature over the year ranges from 3⁰C to 20⁰C.

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