Hotely v Cádiz

Founded by the Phoenicians more than 3,000 years ago, this ancient port city in southwestern Spain has a very long history. Discover the city with a visit to its historic centre, see the beautiful coastline and taste the delicious cuisine.

Naše hotely v Cádiz

a group of wicker chairs on a beach
a reception desk in a hotel
a large white room with columns and a couch
a room with a couch and chairs
a large room with white couches and tables
  • Wellness centrum
  • Tělocvična
  • Dětský klub
a pool with chairs and a building in the background
a swimming pool with palm trees and a building with a beach and blue sky
a aerial view of a resort with swimming pools and trees
a pool with a lounge chair and a table
a building with columns and a store front
  • Wellness centrum
  • Tělocvična
  • Dětský klub
a building with a ramp and flags
a building with a lawn and trees
a building with a brick walkway and trees
a reception desk in a building
a building with trees and grass
  • Dětský klub
  • Venkovní bazén
  • Soukromé parkoviště
a building with many windows
a building with many windows
a reception area with a couch and a desk
a lobby with a reception desk and a blue couch
a room with couches and tables
  • Tělocvična
  • Soukromá konferenční místnost
  • Rodinné pokoje
a pool with umbrellas and chairs and a fountain in the middle
a pool with a building and a fountain
a group of palm trees in a grassy area with a building in the background
a building with white columns and a yellow ceiling
a fountain in front of a building
  • Lázně
  • Tělocvična
  • Konferenční místnosti
a group of people sailing on the water
a building with domes and a body of water
a stone path between buildings
a bridge over water with rocks
a water next to a city

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