Hotely v Braga

Set in the north of Portugal, the country's oldest city of worship, it is the perfect place for a getaway. Famous for its beauty and rich heritage, it is home to a cultural wealth with numerous monuments, churches, and parks worth visiting.

Naše hotely v Braga

a bed with a wood headboard and a lamp
a courtyard with trees and plants
a bathroom with a wood partition
a pool with umbrellas and chairs in a backyard
  • Lázně
  • Tělocvična
  • Konferenční místnosti
a bridge over a river with a building in the background
a restaurant with tables and chairs
a pool with a table and chairs
a room with a bed and a table and chairs
  • Lázně
  • Tělocvična s nepřetržitým provozem
  • Venkovní bazén
a stone castle with a garden
a group of people walking on a street
a street with buildings and a stone arch
a stone archway in a street with buildings and people walking with Arco da Porta Nova in the background

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