This beautiful university city can be found at the mouth of the River Douro in the north of Portugal. Its dynamic and carefree nature gives it a special atmosphere and makes it one of the places with the best nightlife in the country.

A vibrant university city

The Arco da Porta Nova is a fantastic place to start any visit to the historic centre of Braga. Built in the 18th century, this triumphal arch replaced the ancient gateway to the city. After passing through the arch, you enter a maze of pedestrian streets with palatial houses with baroque and neoclassical façades in very bright colours. If you’re thinking of visiting Braga, you should also know the city is home to the oldest cathedral in Portugal, dating back to the 11th century. The Episcopal Palace has magnificent views of the Santa Bárbara gardens and competes with them in majesty. Shopping in the lively municipal market is also a fun experience.

The currency used is the euro. You can exchange foreign currency at banks and withdraw cash with a credit card at ATMs.
The official language is Portuguese. Many of the locals understand Spanish given the similarities between the two languages.
Some public areas and parks have free Wi-Fi.
Winters are cold and rainy, and summers are sunny. The average temperature in winter is 9⁰C and in summer 21⁰C.

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