Le Miroir,灯光相遇的地方

Mediterranean market cuisine using the freshest ingredients inspired by French traditions and the journeys made by our Executive Chef, Patricio de Diego de la Vega.


The mirror of the Mediterranean

Located on the first floor of the hotel, Le Miroir Restaurant looks out over the Esplanade water feature and is bathed in natural light. A typical French brasserie that offers a wide range of Mediterranean flavours with the unmistakable elegance of local haute cuisine. Always mentioned in food magazines.



Fresh all year round

The restaurant adjusts its menu with the changing of the seasons to ensure it always offers the most inspired combinations of the best local produce on the market.

A cook for kings

Eat like a king with the help of our prestigious chef, Patricio de Diego de la Vega, who has prepared meals on several occasions for the Spanish Royal Family.

Quality and versatility

The brasserie is ideal for a romantic dinner, a business lunch or a family celebration. Its menu includes Spanish starters, tasty fish and meat dishes and home-made desserts.

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