Wandering around this city in western Spain takes us back to Roman times. The state of conservation of the majority of its monuments from this glorious period in its history is genuinely surprising. Ready to travel back in time?

Little Spanish Rome

Many remains of the city the Romans founded in Merida more than 2,000 years ago still survive, making it a must-see destination for people interested in history and archaeology. A visit to Merida is unforgettable. The archaeological treasures have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Roman Theatre and the Amphitheatre where gladiators once fought are in very good condition. As is the Diana Temple, on Sagasta Street, whose columns are still practically intact. The Roman Bridge over the Guadiana River is the most famous city icon and a great place to enjoy panoramic views.

The currency used is the euro. Credit card payment is accepted in most places.
The official language is Spanish. People who work at tourist attractions are often fluent in English.
The city has numerous free Wi-Fi hotspots. Most of them are in parks and public buildings.
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Summers are very hot and dry, and winters are cold. The temperature ranges between -2⁰C and 39⁰C.

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