The fact that the city is halfway between Madrid and Zaragoza means that many people just pass through here. But this is a city that really merits a stop. Get ready to discover castles, palaces and beautiful churches.

Land of castles and fortresses

The main façade of the Gothic-style Palacio del Infantado with Mudejar influences is well worth a visit and quite a few photos. The interior of the building is also worth seeing. The Patio de Leones is full of sculptures of the mythological lions that have always been related to protection. And that’s because defence has always been a key feature of the local architecture in a region where there are numerous castles and fortresses. Among them, one of the most important is the Fort of San Francisco. Santa María Cathedral and the Pantheon of the Duchess of Sevillano are also iconic buildings, as is the Chinese room in La Cotilla Palace. If you are visiting Guadalajara on holiday, we recommend you don’t just stick to the city. Visit all the beautiful towns in the province, such as Pastrana, Sigüenza or Atienza.

The currency used is the euro. Foreign currency can be easily exchanged at banks.
The official language is Spanish. People who work with the public are often fluent in English.
Free public Wi-Fi hotspots are available in the city.
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The temperature ranges between 0⁰C and 32⁰C throughout the year. Winters are cold and not very rainy.

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