A skyline dotted with skyscrapers alongside the sea is the most iconic image of this old Mediterranean fishing town. The most popular holiday destination on the Spanish coast.

Balcony over the Mediterranean

One of the first things to do on vacation in Benidorm is to visit the Balcony over the Mediterranean, a beautiful viewpoint in the picturesque old town. From the viewpoint you can see 6 kilometres of large, golden beaches and coves which you can visit during your holiday. Levante Beach, the most popular beach in town, has a great atmosphere. If you’re looking something a little more relaxing, you can get on the tourist train and visit Poniente Beach, which is much more popular with families. To get the adrenaline pumping, Terra Mítica, one of the largest theme parks in Spain, is just a short distance away. Make sure you don't leave without tasting the best paellas in the country.

The currency used is the euro. Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks, and credit cards are accepted almost everywhere.
The official languages are Spanish and Valencian, a dialect of Catalan.
Many of the beaches have free public Wi-Fi.
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The privileged climate is one of its greatest attractions. It rains very little and the temperature ranges between 8⁰C and 29⁰C during the year.

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