The naval and fishing industries are the foundations of the economy in this beautiful city in the Rías Baixas area of north-western Spain. The backdrop to the majestic city are the beautiful Cíes Islands, with one of the richest sea beds in Europe.

Nos hôtels à Vigo

a building with cars parked in front of it
a building with cars parked in front of it
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a room with a couch and a rug
a reception area with a couch and stools
  • 24-uurs fitnessruimte
  • Familiekamers
  • Privé-parkeerplaats
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a beach with stairs leading to the water
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The currency used is the euro. You can withdraw money with a credit card from banks and ATMs.
The official languages are Spanish and the local language, Galician.
The city has several free Wi-Fi hotspots. The quality of Internet access is good in hotels.
La météo
The temperature throughout the year ranges from 7⁰C to 26⁰C. Summers are mild and winters are cold and rainy.

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