The majesty of the volcanoes overshadow everything on this beautiful Spanish island in the Atlantic. The scenery is like an endless sea of lava dotted with craters, reminiscent of a lunar landscape. Ready to take off?

Hotel kami dalam Lanzarote

a pool and palm trees next to a beach
a restaurant with tables and umbrellas
a pool with palm trees and a building with blue sky
a playground with a slide and a beach in the background
a lobby with a reception desk and a staircase
  • Direct beach access
  • Kolam renang dengan pemanas
  • Hiburan
a beach with palm trees and buildings
a swimming pool with palm trees and a beach
a pool with palm trees and a building in the background
a statue in a room
a building with a pond and a bridge
  • Wellness Centre
  • Direct beach access
  • Restoran À la carte
a field of black rocks with small plants growing
a group of camels in a desert
a palm trees in a village
a landscape of land and water
a landscape with a body of water and mountains
a pool surrounded by palm trees with Lanzarote in the background
Mata uang
The currency used is the euro. Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks. Credit card payment is accepted in most places.
The official language is Spanish with peculiarities typical of the Canary Islands such as the “h” at the end of words or before consonants. They also use “ustedes” instead of “vosotros”.
Download speeds can vary greatly depending on your location. In the areas furthest from urban areas there may be problems with the signal.
The climate is mild and warm all year round. The average annual temperature is 22⁰C. Rain is scarce and concentrated in the winter months.

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