The lush vegetation of ancient Burma is also home to numerous Buddhist pagodas and temples. In the centre of the country, Bagan, the ancient city of temples, transports you to another world.

More than 4,000 amazing pagodas

The most popular temples are Ananda, Htilo Minlo or Shwe Zi Gon, but the most adventurous travellers rent an electric motorbike and take all the dirt roads to hundreds of lesser-known but equally beautiful pagodas. Climbing the sacred Mount Popa or boating on Inle Lake are two more great things to do in Myanmar on vacation. Other highly recommended activities include hiking in Shan, visiting the Kengtung paddy fields or wandering through the ancient capital of Mandalay. Yangon has grown more randomly than its neighbours, but part of its charm is in the chaos. And its great street food!

Mata uang
The official currency of Myanmar is the kyat. Cash rules the country's economy. The US dollar is an alternative currency.
The most widely spoken language is Burmese, although countless ethnic languages such as Karen, Chin or Shan are also spoken. A good part of the population speaks fairly good English.
The quality of Internet access is good in hotels. Bars and restaurants also often offer free Wi-Fi.
The climate is tropical with warm weather throughout the year. The average annual temperature is 25⁰C.

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