The hustle and bustle of its major futuristic cities contrasts with the ancestral rites of its indigenous villages. This contrast is one of the top attractions in this spectacular country. in which the best of the East and the West merge.

Orangutans, unspoiled beaches and a futuristic capital

Holidays on the beach or in the mountains? Do you prefer the city or something more adventurous? Travelling to Malaysia means not having to decide: the country has it all. The capital Kuala Lumpur is a place to discover everyday life in one of the most futuristic cities in the world, dominated by the iconic Petronas Towers. On paradise islands such as Langkawi you can do water sports, swim on unspoiled beaches, discover waterfalls or cross hanging bridges. You can also meditate in the Hindu temple in Batu Caves or see the fireflies in Tanjung Puting National Park or the orangutans in their natural habitat in Borneo.

Mata uang
The official currency is the Malaysian dollar or ringgit. You can exchange foreign currency in banks and exchange offices.
The only official language is Malay, but there are more than a hundred indigenous languages spoken in the country. As a former English colony, a large part of the population speaks English.
The country has numerous areas with free Wi-Fi. The connection quality is generally good.
The climate is really nice. The temperature ranges between 23⁰C and 33⁰C over the year.

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