Beautiful beaches next to picturesque and bright-coloured houses, spectacular caves and a huge marine biodiversity. The greatest thing about Varadero is how it shows its wealth of resources with such charming humility.

The simplicity of something so diverse

Beaches such as Varadero or Playa Coral are among the most famous in Cuba, and the perfect place to relax on vacation. Diving or snorkelling and discovering the wealth of marine biodiversity is something you really shouldn’t miss. If you like adventure, this is also the perfect place for water sports. And in the Saturn Caves or Varahicacos Ecological Reserve you can discover an enormous variety of native flora and fauna. In the evening, the lively nightlife in Varadero will keep you dancing to the Cuban beat. They say that the famous Cuban rum tastes much better if you drink it near the coast.

The only official currency is the Cuban peso. Only cash is usually accepted at its famous markets.
The official language is Spanish, but including words from the indigenous languages that were spoken on the island before colonization.
The island has several free public Wi-Fi areas. Internet access is good in hotels.
The climate is tropical and warm. Temperatures range from 19⁰C to 31⁰C. Perfect for water sports.

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