The spirit of the Pacific islands and a place where time stands still. Exotic decoration, an innovative menu and tiki-style cocktails create an environment that make it one of the best restaurants in Havana.

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Travel to another world

The Polynesian gods watch over this restaurant which dates back to the 1950s. Visitors feel like they are in a Hawaiian setting, with wicker and bamboo furniture, ceilings with matting, subtle lighting... everything perfectly designed so you can enjoy an extraordinary experience and the fascinating tiki culture in the Cuban capital.

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Tiki atmosphere

With its roots in Hawaii and then later in the United States, tiki is all about mysterious statues, the aroma of meat and fish grilling over a campfire, tropical fruit, masks, necklaces of flowers, and fun with friends. Our Polynesian restaurant recreates an atmosphere of distant Oceania combined with the magic of Cuba.

Unique cocktail bar

The best rums combine with colourful fruit juices, spices and liqueurs to create exotic drinks to delight your palate and make you happy. They are almost always served in eye-catching glasses in the shape of a traditional totem pole. Try the Mai Tai, the Zombie, the Scorpion or the Kibú, all prepared by expert bartenders who also add their own personal touch.

Delicious secrets

Pork, chicken and other meats are roasted in front of diners in two large wood-fired ovens that give the dishes their characteristic flavour. Before being placed in the oven, they are left to rest in a marinade whose ingredients and recipe are a jealously-guarded secret, an enigma that enhances the delicious final product.

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