The most vibrant island in the entire Mediterranean. Famous worldwide for its clubs and great nightlife. The picturesque values of its hippy past still survive alongside the most extreme luxury.

Nuestros hoteles en Ibiza

a swimming pool in a hotel
a body of water with buildings and trees
a glass door with a white rhinoceros statue inside
a room with a table and chairs
a dining table with chairs in a room with a bookcase
  • Direct beach access
  • Tělocvična s nepřetržitým provozem
  • Venkovní bazén
a large island with buildings and a body of water
a large white building with a pool next to a body of water
a building with a pool on top of it
a room with a glass roof and a table and plants
a room with white furniture and plants
  • Tělocvična
  • Konferenční místnosti
  • Akce
a pool with umbrellas and lounge chairs
a cactus statue on a counter
a group of chairs in a tree
a pool with trees and chairs and a building at night
a pool with umbrellas and chairs and trees by a building
  • Tělocvična s nepřetržitým provozem
  • Podél pláže
  • Butik
a beach with clear water and blue sky
a group of colorful scarves and shawls from a wall
a group of posters on a wall
a group of buildings with red roofs
a street with tables and chairs and umbrellas
palm trees against a pink background
a rock formation in the water
The official currency is the euro. You can pay by credit card in most places.
The official languages are Spanish and Ibizan. English, German and Italian are widely spoken in tourist areas.
The quality of Internet access is generally good. In areas further away from urban centres there may be some problems with the signal.
The climate is warm and Mediterranean. Temperatures range between 8⁰C and 30⁰C throughout the year. In summer, the humidity increases the feeling of heat.

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