Punta Cana

The most popular destination in what is known as the Costa del Coco (Coconut Coast) is a paradise of endless beaches with fine, white sand, turquoise-blue waters and very lively nightlife. Whatever the plan, fun is guaranteed.

The Dominican jewel in the crown

UNESCO named Playa Bávaro one of the best beaches in the world, an ideal destination for relaxation, sunbathing and all kinds of water sports. Isla Saona and El Muro on Catalina Island are wonderful places to sail, dive and admire the spectacular local coral reefs. Another great plan in Punta Cana is riding along Macao Beach on a quad bike. If you want more action and adventure, you can visit El Limón waterfall on foot, on horseback or by canyoning. You can also visit the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park, a nature reserve whose name come from the eye-shaped lagoons. Save some strength and energy for the evening, when Punta Cana becomes very, very lively.

The official currency is the Dominican peso. It’s very easy to exchange foreign currency in banks and exchange offices.
The official and most widely spoken language is Spanish. In tourist areas many people speak English.
The city has free public Wi-Fi hotspots. Coverage is very good in hotels.
The climate is warm all year round. The temperature ranges between 22⁰C and 32⁰C and rarely gets hotter or colder.

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